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Whether you are a hospital, a clinic, an oncology facility, or a medical laboratory, our solutions adapt to your needs.

At ENOVA R&T, we believe that healthcare organizations should have an information system that can help them provide the best possible care to their patients. We also think that it’s important for healthcare professionals to have an easy way to access this information, so they can make informed decisions about their patients’ care plans.

This is where ENOVA Santé comes! in We present our solution as a web-based suite which main goal is to improve the quality of cares received by the patient. It offers a personalized assistance adapted to the patient’s needs, but also reduces work overload on healthcare professionals while improving both efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Hospital Information System adapts to your needs and keeps up with your growth. It gathers different modules which can be customized depending on your needs. For instance,  ENOVA Santé helps the pharmacy department improve patient service by providing real-time data about inventory levels at any given time so that pharmacists are sure they’re meeting the demand. In addition, with our integrated laboratory information system LIS, ENOVA Santé helps laboratories stay organized and on track by helping them manage patient records and large numbers of samples with their results easily, and provides doctors a way to get those results quickly.

ENOVA Santé extends its possibilites to enhance healthcare professionals worklife, by providing modules decdicated for the oncology specialty like: multidisciplinary consultation meetings, tracking of cure sessions, palliative and hospice cares, and more. By allowing the staff to have a complete control over the treatment process, these modules will support doctors and nurses to improve the quality of cares they provide to cancer patients.

Modules tailored to your needs

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the modules and possibilities that your healthcare facility can benefit from




Electronic medical records


Multidisciplinary consultation meeting

Operating room

Cytotoxic preparation

Hospital scheduling

Data analysis


Laboratory management

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