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The digitalization of hospitals is essential to improve both the quality of cares, and population health. Our Hospital Information System enables healthcare providers to better coordinate and manage medical records, which helps them deliver better patient experiences across a wide range of settings. 

Public hospitals are particularly in need of this solution. They receive a large number of patients from the community, but do not have adequate resources to provide them with the same level of care as private clinics or even some outpatient facilities. This leads to longer wait times for appointments and other services, which can have a significant impact on public health

Our Hospital Information System ENOVA Santé assists public hospitals migrating from paper-based processes that lead to inaccuracy and data loss; to computed-based solutions which help centralize the data, simplify the workflow for practitioners, but also improve the patient experience.

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions on a national level can centralize their data and have access to the patients Electronic Medical Records (EMR) through the same interface. Using centralized data hubs positively impacts the population’s health. The data gathered overtime from all hospitals can be used and analyzed to understand patterns of diseases within a country, which can foster the development of new treatments to raise healthier generations

Modules tailored to your needs

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the modules and possibilities that your healthcare facility can benefit from




Electronic medical records


Multidisciplinary consultation meeting

Operating room

Cytotoxic preparation

Hospital scheduling

Data analysis


Laboratory management

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