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Solutions for hospital management

The department of  hospital mangement handle on a daily basis a considerable amount of requests from both patients and all the different units of a healthcare institution. Their daily work can be sometimes overwhelming, which may result in a lack of communication and misleading information prompting serious consequences on some occasions. 

ENOVA Santé is a solution which provides hospitals with a central hub for managing their information and processes, which makes it easier for hospital staff to share data across departments and improve patient journey. In addition to improving communication between staff members and patients, our solution also helps hospitals keep track of important records such as insurance forms, electronic medical records, bills, and clinical reports—allowing them to make better decisions about how to treat patients based on their needs. ENOVA Santé ensures that everything from billing to scheduling is done efficiently, making sure that patients are receiving the right kind of care and getting back on their feet as quickly as possible.

With ENOVA Santé, your hospital will be able to:

* Improve patient experience by providing more efficient access to clinical information

* Decrease costs through more accurate record keeping

* Reduce risk by increasing security of your records

Modules tailored to your needs

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the modules and possibilities that your healthcare facility can benefit from




Electronic medical records


Multidisciplinary consultation meeting

Operating room

Cytotoxic preparation

Hospital scheduling

Data analysis


Laboratory management

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